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A view from the Bower :)Bungan Beach Cristal GlassByron Dolphin SplashWhite SplashUnderwater ReflectionsAustralian Open Surfing Warm Up SessionManly Wharf Sunset MagicWhite & BlueThe line-upBlue Spirit

Welcome to this space where I would like to take you through a visual journey full of colours, environment and inspiration!!!

Marine and Nature photography is my love and passion; my aim is to show the world how it looks today and how I would love to see it in a 100 years from now.  I am a keen environmentalist and it is my goal to spread my care for nature and the importance to preserve this stunning playground we call planet Earth through photography.

Thank you for joining me on this space full of inspiration and true love for nature.  I hope that my work inspires you to care for Earths natural habitats and make you travel to every place you see through the photos in this gallery :)


All the best :)