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It is a great pleasure to share with you my passion for nature through these images, where I am aiming to capture moments to show how I see the world through my lenses.


I am originally from Venezuela, I left home 8 years ago to move to the UK where I completed my studies in renewable energy and environmental sciences. Since then I have lived in Spain, China and most recently Australia. My passion has always been the ocean, the environment and the conservation of all species living within these habitats.


As a son of a professional photographer, I experienced the Dark Room from an early age. I earned my first Nintendo by helping my dad with a photography assignment around the Amazon. For many years, photography was a subject that was always in my life, but it was not until a few years ago when I bought an underwater housing to bring the magic of the ocean and nature to life by expressing the way I see their energy through every shot I take.


Thank you for visiting this space, I hope you like and enjoy the experience which also aims to inspire you to live life in a healthy, fun and sustainable way whilst doing what you love :)


Photographer Statement       


 "I like to explore the light & colours of nature knowing that it is very unlikely that the same shot will happen again, leaving us with infinite opportunities to express the beauty of this planet and the importance to protect it on every image we create"