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Behind the Shot, the Sydney Northern Beaches Project !!!

November 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hello guys and happy beginning of the week from this side of the globe :) Manly Beach - Front Cover and Feb in the 2017 CalendarManly Beach - Front Cover and Feb in the 2017 CalendarThis image is February in my 2017 Sydney Northern Beaches Calendar. Manly beach is a very stunning place with clear water great for underwater and above and under photography. You can go for a swim, snorkel, dive or paddle to enjoy the underwater world and marine life in Cabbage Tree Bay. Help us to keep this water clear and healthy by taking any rubbish you might find in and/or out of the sea, every little helps :) all the best!!


During the last couple of months I have been working on a very exciting  project that's now become real. I worked on a very special collection of photos that will be part of my very own Sydney Northern Beaches 2017 Calendar. I used a technique you might have seen before called split photography or above and under.

I wanted to adventure on this project because I was very keen to bring a selection of photos of some of the most stunning  beaches in northern Sydney from a different perspective full of colours, reflections and landscapes. From the moment I discovered split photography I was hooked by the wide range of possibilities this type of photography offers. Photographers can take a photo of a subject or activity happening over the surface of the water while capturing at the same time the quiet underwater world flowing at its own rhythm.

The calendar shows photos using this technique from Shelly Beach in Manly all the way north to Palm Beach. The excitement and uncertainty of combining natural features such as swell, tide, wind, clouds and time of day was a very challenging but rewarding experience.

I discovered after a lot of practice that above and under photography is captured as its best during a specific time of the day, usually when the sun is high and at a good angle to find good visibility underwater. However, as some of you reading this post know, this would not always work as we can have issues with highlights over the subject we are shooting on the surface at that time. To work around this I used a very friendly and free site online called SunCalc; I also dedicated some time to do some ground research to find out at what time of the day it was more likely to find the light I needed to take the shot considering the geographical location of the beach. After obtaining the information and double checking the weather forecast I visited each place with the idea of capturing that perfect moment that would feature on the calendar.

When the conditions were not right, I  shot anyway, got to know the area and went back another day. This collection of photos were taken from late March to early September this 2016 and it is a real pleasure for me to see the calendar come to life and ready for you to see and hopefully take home.

Thank you for stopping by guys, I hope you like the photos and get to hold one of my calendars, the purpose of this project is to make travellers and residents smile  whilst they appreciate the beauty of this little corner of the world and inspire anyone who looks at the calendar through every month of 2017.

All the best,


Sydney Northern Beaches 2017 Calendar


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