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Textures and Shapes over Manly, traveling Australia capturing its magic !!

December 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

Christmas is just a few days away and I would like to share a bit of magic I captured at the beginning of December at around 05:40 am   whilst swimming offshore in Manly beach NSW, Australia.

Have you ever had that feeling or the need of waking up to simply admire the sunrise? Even for those who are not early birds and prefer to stay in bed a bit longer, this is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives if no more. The night before I captured this shot I had a feeling that a special sunrise was waiting for me the next morning, it was like if  nature was calling and I just needed  to be there. I prepared the camera, wetsuit and flippers for the next day and when the alarm went off at around five o'clock I opened one eye and didn’t feel like going outside so I thought I could as well go shooting another day. However, that same feeling that made me prepare the gear the night before kicked me out of bed without realising, suddenly I was half awake and half asleep wearing my wetsuit and full of energy, walking towards the beach.

The magic started when I had my first glance of the soft colours coming before sunrise, it was around 05:25 and the sunrise was not coming until another few minutes, so I took some shots of seagulls passing by and sandy textures while putting on my swimming fins; and then I jumped into the water. Then I was fully awake! and loving the fresh feeling of salty water and sea breeze when entering the ocean, probably the best way to wake up and start your day.

I started swimming out looking for a good angle to capture our stunning friend, but suddenly I realised I was too south of the beach and I needed to swim north to be able to capture those few minutes of light, colours and magic every sunrise has to offer. Once I managed to find that perfect spot, the sun started to rise  just in time for me to capture what I would probably call  the most beautiful sunrise I have seen so far. A number of emotions took over, letting me convert a bunch of colours and feelings into one of my best shoots. I felt love, inspiration, happiness, health and so much energy that I had to remind myself that I was there also to take some photos.

One can never tell how far your heart can take you until you experience moments like this. I’m sharing with you all the final result with the photos on the right  so you will hopefully be inspired to enjoy the gift mother nature brings to us each morning. I love the silky ocean look, red, magenta and yellows colours and shapes captured on these images, a magic moment frozen in time. The paddle boarder was a bonus; a special touch adding life and soul to this masterpiece called life by the sea.

So, are you waking up tomorrow to check out your sunrise wherever in the world you are right now? I hope my post has inspired you to follow your heart and go out there to get your dose of energy, love, happiness and much more the sun has to offer. What is best is that it is free and  each of them are a once in a lifetime event so  why not capturing them with your eyes, lens and soul for eternity?

Have an awesome week world and please feel free to share your photos and comments. If we don't speak before Christmas,  have a very beautiful and happy Christmas, do what you love the most and give a hand to anyone out there who need some love this season !!

Peace !!


Sunrise Magic at Manly Beach NSW


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