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The Wonders of Surfing, what everyone should know !! Part II/III ;)

February 22, 2017  •  1 Comment

Entering into my TempleEntering into my TempleThis image as its name describes is a representation of my playground and temple. The ocean for me is the best place to be, I don't feel well when I stayed out of the water for long. As an environmentalist and ocean photographer my main goal is to bring to you the beauty and strength of the ocean to inspire and encourage you to love it and protect it.

How much does the ocean cost ?

Following part I of this series of posts where I shared the beauty of surfing, health benefits, warm ups and some cool surf training exercises, during part II, I am aiming to touch your heart by writing about, marine conservation and of course surfing. Marine conservation may not be something that everyone is comfortable with, however please stay with me, I promise I will make it fun :). That's right, to all ocean lovers out there, this post is for you !

My passion for the ocean and surfing started around 25 years ago when I was a kid. I was with my parents on a trip to Brazil, exploring the north coast of Sao Paolo until we got to Ipanema beach, it was here when I first saw a surfer riding a wave. I was instantly hooked, the waves were big that day and while others cautiously wanted to stay away from the beach I wanted to get in.

My hometown in Lecheria - Venezuela did not have many waves and since I could not spend much time doing surfing there I started sailing and diving finding another ways to experience the ocean and be part of it.

These marine activities and interaction with the ocean created an unique connection, inspiring me to want to create a real change to preserve these environments. This experience inspired me to pursuit a career in environmental sciences, renewable energy and marine photography to support the harmonious development of earths ecosystems and here I am, that's how everything started.

We are lucky to have an increasing amount of people around the globe working towards the protection of earth's oceans. One of my favourites is Sylvia Earle and her Mission Blue crew. Their goal is simply to increase marine protected areas, decrease negative impacts from activities like overfishing  and to promote conservation awareness to minimize the amount of debris in the ocean. It might sound easy but unfortunately it is a challenge that many fight to overcome. The following organisations are also doing amazing things to encourage a real positive change towards this topic. Please do check them out and be inspired:

  • The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS),  a national charity dedicated to protect ocean wildlife and their homes.
  • Mission Blue, another inspiring organisation, an initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance working towards exploration and protection of hope spots around the globe. (not sure what a hope spot is? click on the link )
  • Sea Shepherds, our marine conservation warriors, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitats and killing of marine wildlife.
  • Ocean Ambassadors, another inspiring group of people providing mobile education platforms to create jobs, close landfills and create renewable energy systems.
  • Also, well known organisations like WWF, Greenpeace, National Geographic, UNEP, EPA and (PCFML), on these links highlight their important work and contribution to marine conservation.

By now you might be asking yourself, what is your take on all this? I just want to invite you to give something back to our beautiful mother nature by supporting any of these organisations and help stop whale killing, end the destruction of marine habitats or stop the outrageous developments in the barrier reef. Anything that can add value to the many amazing projects implemented around the world to keep our ocean alive and healthy.

Your actions and support will make a huge difference. If you’re not sure how to start, you  can do it with something as simple as avoiding the  use of  plastics and encouraging your kids and friends to do the same. Just by changing that ugly plastic shopping bag for a cool looking recyclable one you’re already helping the planet. We are not looking cool anymore using plastic straws, so why bother? Let’s leave them in the shop :)

Please answer yourself, how much does the ocean cost to you? I am not really aiming to tell you what to do through these lines, I just honestly believe that the time of leaving this topic to be solved by others has passed, there is just one global connected ocean and it needs our help today !! However, if you’re still not sure your help will really make a difference, I’d like to invite you to see the trailer of  this video and share it with your friends as it shows how our world is already looking in some places. Can you see this happening at your local beach? Try to imagine all this plastic being washed out at any part of the Australian coast one day, not a nice a picture.

Most surfers have grown to be marine ambassadors or have a deep feeling for marine conservation, however you don't have to be a surfer to support and be part of this change. Therefore to conclude, I would like to spread some love by inviting you to watch this inspiring documentary about the ocean health status, inspiring actions and beautiful marine wildlife. An inspiring piece of work put together by scientists and non - scientists to invite this generation to preserve what we enjoy and see today, so our successors have the gift to do the same.

I hope that after reading this content, links and watching the videos you have fallen in love more with the ocean and are considering to become one of its protectors.

Thank you, I hope my post inspired you, part III will come soon. I would love to hear what do you think about the first two posts, any ideas or comments please do fire them in, don't be shy, help me out to spread the word :)

All the best guys,



Corina Hernández(non-registered)
Me encanta lo que escribes y en el tono en que lo haces! Hace falta ganar adeptos como tú a la gran causa de conservar nuestros mares y océanos. Ciertamente es muy triste que las tortugas se ahoguen en los cilindros de las latas, o que las ballenas confundan las bolsas de plástico con una rica comida!! El hombre debe dejar de ser el peor depredador de su propio medio ambiente!! Es urgente crear esa conciencia de respeto y conservación, que definitivamente 'me consta' debe empezar en casa, educando a los más pequeños a amar su entorno natural. Sigue tu labor! Te felicito y auguro muchos éxitos!!!
I love what you write and the tone in which you do it! It is necessary to win adherents like you to the great cause of conserving our seas and oceans. It is certainly very sad that the turtles are drowned in the cylinders of the cans, or that the whales confuse the plastic bags with a rich meal !! Man must stop being the worst predator of his own environment !! It is urgent to create that awareness of respect and conservation, which definitely 'I know' should start at home, educating the little ones to love their natural environment. Follow your work! I congratulate you and I wish you many successes !!!
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