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The Wonders of Surfing, what everyone should know!! Part I/III :)

February 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Do you agree that the richest person out there is not necessarily the one with the biggest wallet, but the one whose life is in good balance between health, education, family, work, support to others and fun times. When I think of what surfing means to me, I think of this beautiful place where we can go to find part of this balance.

My post aims to take you through the beauty of surfing, its health benefits, the importance of warming  up and some of the different types of training available to stay surf fit.

For me, riding waves brings me an amazing feeling of peace -  like gliding over the face of the sea submerging myself into blue or green pipelines of a waterworld full of energy, I call it surfers paradise. For years, I have been looking forward to get better at surfing, radical manoeuvres and all that. However, years of practise have taught me that being a surfer is much more than that; I feel that the surfing spirit is out there when I am paddling any wave that comes with no stress for making radical turns and just letting the ocean taking me for a ride.

 Whether I am exploring a new spot or surfing at the local break, 1 ft plus is all I need to feel the freedom surfing and the ocean have to offer. For what is more, the health benefits of surfing are really amazing.

The Better Health Channel here explains that surfing help us to:

  • keep our cardiovascular fitness nice and strong from paddling.
  • Strengthen our shoulders and back from paddling. For example, my Rip Curl GPS  watch shows me that I usually paddle around 7 km on a two hours surfing session, that's to give you an idea on how much we could paddle on average.
  • Strengthen our legs and core while riding those awesome waves.
  • In addition, it is estimated that an average surf session of 90 min will help you burn between 270 - 400 calories for a person whose weight is 60 and 80 kg respectively. This off course can vary depending on the surf conditions, breaks and water temperature among others.

I also believe that surfing is a great way to release stress, put your ideas together and get rid of depression. Cheaper than a shrink some people might say :)

It is truly amazing how many health benefits we can get out from this beautiful sport, it is a fitness playground, great for all the fun addicts out there.

Like in every sport, warm ups and training are both important elements for keeping you going. By including four to eight minutes warm up sessions before you go into the water you can;

  • Prepare your tissues and muscles to reduce the chance of injuries.
  • Your body will work more efficiently when it is warm, as it reaches a steady state of energy production, allowing you to experience great improvements in your performance.

 As you’d probably know, there are very simple warm up exercises out there, I want to share with you some of the ones I practise daily to make sure my body continues responding well in each surfing session:

  • Light beach jog, 5 -10 min before your session.
  • Light mobility exercises such as arm swings, leg swims and lower back stretching will get you ready for your first wave.
  • The Taylor Knox program mentioned below is also great for a full warm up before your surf. 

 Link to the Complete Guide for Surf Fitness, enjoy :)

Other few tips that I’ve got from conversations with some fellow surfers could also give you some ideas on how to keep a good balance and stay healthy, fit and mindful. The following disciplines have provided them with the right tools to develop better in the water:

  • Muay Thai, my fellow surfers claim that the physical and mental discipline that this sport involves helps them with their surfing performance.
  • High Performance Surf Training (HPSC). If you live in Sydney, you can practice this training at the HPSC in Cromer NSW with Matt Grainger and his team.
  • Brazilian Jiu jitsu, this sport has helped surfers with strength, flexibility and focus.
  • CrossFit, a full body training program practiced by Big Wave Surfer Shane Dorian will keep you very strong for the long paddles and high intensity sessions in or out of the water.
  • Breath Enhancement Training (BET), I have been following the BET program by practicing at the pool and at home since I did the course last August, my performance and breath recovery has become very strong and I found that the health benefits are really amazing.   
  • Taylor Knox Surf Fit Video; I have been training for over 18 months with the Taylor Knox Surf Fit program and my balance and strength have improved significantly. See three of the twelve exercise on the slide show in this post.
  • Skateboarding; I personally love to do skate surf with my carver skateboard, it's super fun and keeps me switched on for my next surf.

So as you can see surfing is much more than a sport, it is a way of life. You can take it as you like and there is no need to get into big swell, air manoeuvres or 10 ft pipe rides to enjoy the many benefits of this sport. As long as you connect with the true surfing spirit I am sure you will have the healthy dose that will help you to keep balance between busy lifestyles, health and fun times.

Thank you for reading, sharing and commenting on my post guys! I hope you found this content of any use. Also, remember surfers are Eco Warriors, so please pick up any piece of rubbish floating on the line up, on the way to the beach or out. Wetsuit sleeves and boardshorts pockets can hold lots of stuff!

All the best and I will be back for part II of this post where I will bring interesting and useful content for you.




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